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CEO Pocket Change Bermuda

I am a mother, athlete, educator and Founder of Pocket Change BDA.


Born and raised in paradise (aka Bermuda), with my twin brother, to our parents who have known and attended the same schools together since they were 5. YIKES!  Growing up I was the eldest Granddaughter on my mother’s side, so I always had the luxury of getting all the insight first….this would prove to be very beneficial in my life.  You’ll see, stay tuned.

As a child growing up, I was always very driven or what my daddy likes to call, “hard headed.”  Anything I wanted to do in life, I did despite what the skeptics said.  I knew that if I put my mind to something I could do it!  Growing up I enjoyed playing sports and was actually very good at anyone that I played, but I found most of my passion playing netball and football.  I would attest that to the comradery that I experienced being a part of team sports.  I have to say that my involvement in athletics has played a very vital role in molding me into the person that I am today. 

As an 11 year senior school teacher I’ve interacted with hundreds of students during my tenure. I have been able to observe the things that work and things that need to be remediated. One thing’s for sure, I’ve learned that there are gaps in the system. Gaps that could affect the choices and opportunities in students’ lives.  Having that insight motivated me to create Pocket Change BDA.

I would say that Pocket Change has been in my creative thoughts for my entire life. As a child my Grandmother and mother would tell my cousins, my brother, and I stories about our Great Grandfather who was an entrepreneur, owning over 21 grocery stores in Bermuda. To this day none of his stores are in existence or owned by any of my family.

I would give my Great Grandfather the credit for instilling me with an entrepreneurial mindset. My inspiration and the reason why I #hustle so hard is because of my 15-year-old son Adio. It is my duty to show him that anything is possible and that generational wealth and financial freedom are attainable.

Pocket Change BDA Teaches 21st Century Financial Education to students age K-12, promoting Generational Wealth & Financial Freedom.

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Your child deserves to achieve confidence and understanding of money, ultimately achieving the financial freedom that they deserve.

Pocket Change BDA will provide E-book deals, trending money news, money mindset motivation, and all the latest information about courses, events, and programs that we offer.


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